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HAEK-I SHINARARUTIUN Closed Joint-Stock Company

Company Information

  • Company Name: HAEK-I SHINARARUTIUN Closed Joint-Stock Company
  • Country: ARMENIA
  • Address: Armenia, 0070, Yerevan, Israyelyan St. 39
  • International Area Code: 374
  • Phone: (374-10)539896, (374-10)539863, (374-10)539885 (+374-(374-10)539896, (374-10)539863, (374-10)539885)
  • Fax: (374-10)539844 (+374-(374-10)539844)
  • Contact: Ashot H. Vardanyan, Director
  • Position: Director
  • Website:
  • Product List: Cementation Work Concrete Pumping: On-Site Concrete Spraying Construction of Ceramic Roof Tile Manufacturing Enterprises Construction: Agricultural Projects Construction: Buildings Construction: Cascades Construction: Collectors Construction: Communication Projects Construction: Daily Run-off Ponds Construction: Drinking Water Pipelines Construction: Footings Construction: Heat-Supply Projects Construction: Hydraulic Structures Construction: Irrigation Systems Construction: Land-Reclamation Projects Construction: Metal Hangars Construction: Mobile (Cellular) Telephone Exchanges Construction: Monolithic Construction: Pipelines Construction: Power Lines Construction: Power Stations Construction: Private Residences Construction: Pump Stations Construction: Reservoirs Construction: Retaining Walls Construction: Self-Supporting Hangars Construction: Shore-Protective Structures Construction: Stadiums Construction: Swimming Pools Construction: Transformer Substations Construction: Turnkey Construction: Turnkey, Ore Mining and Processing Enterprises Construction: Water Mains Construction: Water Pipelines Construction: Water Purification Systems Construction: Water Supply and Drainage Systems Construction: Water-Power Structures Construction: Waterfalls Consulting: Construction Consulting: Pricing in Construction Dismantling Work Earthwork Operations Flooring Services: Laminate Heat Insulation Heat Insulation of Pipelines High-Altitude Work Improving Seismic Resistance of Buildings Installation Services: Automatic Doors Installation Services: Balcony Awnings Installation Services: Building Frames Installation Services: Cable Lines Installation Services: Doors Installation Services: Electric Power Substations Installation Services: Electrical Equipment Installation Services: Ground Grids Installation Services: Heating Radiators Installation Services: Heating Systems Installation Services: Hot Water Supply Systems Installation Services: Industrial Pipelines Installation Services: Irrigation Systems Installation Services: Metal Structures Installation Services: Metal-Plastic Pipes Installation Services: Plasterboard Structures Installation Services: Plumbing Equipment and Supplies Installation Services: Polyethylene Pipes Installation Services: Polypropylene Pipes Installation Services: Power Networks Installation Services: Processing Equipment Installation Services: Roofs Installation Services: Suspended Ceilings Installation Services: Tanks Installation Services: Ventilation Systems Installation Services: Water Pumps Installation Services: Water Supply and Drainage Systems Installation Services: Windows Installation Services: Wiring Installation Work in Construction Land Improvement Major Repairs: Buildings Manufacturing. Pumice Blocks Manufacturing. Reinforced Concrete Structures Manufacturing. Slabs: Paving Reconstruction of Buildings Reconstruction of Projects for Social and Cultural Purposes Renovation Services: Swimming Pools Renting: Bulldozers Renting: Concrete Mixer Trucks Renting: Construction Heaters Renting: Crawler Cranes Renting: Dump Trucks Renting: Hydraulic Hammers Renting: Panel Carriers Renting: Road Rollers Renting: Scaffolding Renting: Truck Cranes Repair Services: Hydraulic Structures Repair and Construction Work, Renovation Restoration of Canals and Irrigation Systems Restoration of Drainage Systems Restoration of Reservoirs Roofing Services Structural Underpinning Waterproofing Waterproofing of Cooling Towers Waterproofing of Drinking Water Tanks Waterproofing of Fire Tanks Waterproofing of Footings Waterproofing of Swimming Pools
  • Category Activities: Industrial construction, including power, hydraulic and water facilities. Town-planning
  • Type: Cementation Work

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