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  • Company Name: GUCHO SCHOOL ACCESSORIES SHOP Limited Liability Company
  • Country: ARMENIA
  • Address: Armenia, 0002, Yerevan, Amiryan St. 13
  • International Area Code: 374
  • Phone: (374-10)535360 (+374-(374-10)535360)
  • Fax: (374-10)535360 (+374-(374-10)535360)
  • Contact: Armen G. Afrikyan, Director
  • Position: Director
  • Website:
  • Product List: Trade. Adhesives: Office Trade. Art Materials Trade. Bags: School Trade. Calculators Trade. Chalk: Blackboard Trade. Coloring Books Trade. Coloring Sets Trade. Covers for Books Trade. Covers for Exercise Books Trade. Document Cases Trade. Drawing Accessories Trade. Embroidery Kits for Children Trade. Erasers Trade. Exercise Books Trade. Fibre-Tip Pens Trade. Games and Toys: Educational Trade. Lighting Fixtures: Household Trade. Markers Trade. Music Books Trade. Notebooks Trade. Painting Supplies for Children Trade. Paper Clips Trade. Paper-Folders Trade. Paper: Colored Trade. Paperboard for Drawing Trade. Pencil Accessories Trade. Pencils Trade. Pencils: Colored Trade. Pencils: Colored, Oil Trade. Pens Trade. Photograph Albums Trade. Plaster Kits for Children's Creative Work Trade. Plasticine Trade. Postcards Trade. Pupil's Mark Books Trade. Puzzles Trade. Rucksacks: School Trade. School Accessories Trade. School Books Trade. Sketch-Books Trade. Table Games Trade. Table Games: Developmental Trade. Table Games: Dominoes, Children's Trade. Table Games: Educational Trade. Table Games: Lotto, Children's Trade. Watercolors
  • Category Activities: School accessories and goods for children's creative work
  • Type: Trade. Adhesives: Office

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