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GT-AR GROUP Closed Joint-Stock Company

Company Information

  • Company Name: GT-AR GROUP Closed Joint-Stock Company
  • Country: ARMENIA
  • Address: Armenia, 0015, Yerevan, Grigor Lusavorchi St. 7
  • International Area Code: 374
  • Phone: (374-10)510005, (374-10)510050, (374-91)007019 (mobile) (+374-(374-10)510005, (374-10)510050, (374-91)007019 (mobile))
  • Fax: (374-10)344404 (+374-(374-10)344404)
  • Contact: Arthur S. Yegoryan, Director
  • Position: Director
  • Product List: Trade. Air Filters for Automobiles (importation) Trade. Auto Cosmetics (importation) Trade. Chemicals: Automotive (importation) Trade. Fuel Filters for Automobiles (importation) Trade. Lubricants Trade. Lubricants (importation) Trade. Lubricants for Printing Equipment (importation) Trade. Lubricants: Automotive (importation) Trade. Lubricants: Aviation (importation) Trade. Lubricants: General Purpose (importation) Trade. Lubricants: Heat-Resistant (importation) Trade. Lubricants: Industrial (importation) Trade. Lubricants: Instrument (importation) Trade. Lubricants: Low Temperature (importation) Trade. Lubricants: Marine (importation) Trade. Lubricants: Preservative (importation) Trade. Lubricants: Railroad (importation) Trade. Lubricating Oils (importation) Trade. Oil Filters for Automobiles (importation) Trade. Oil for Gear-Box (importation) Trade. Oil for Refrigeration Equipment (importation) Trade. Oil for Vacuum Pumps (importation) Trade. Oil: Compressor (importation) Trade. Oil: Cylinder (importation) Trade. Oil: Hydraulic (importation) Trade. Oil: Industrial (importation) Trade. Oil: Machine (importation) Trade. Oil: Motor (importation) Trade. Oil: Transformer (importation) Trade. Oil: Transmission (importation) Trade. Oil: Turbine (importation)
  • Category Activities: Lubricating oils and lubricants, automotive oils and chemicals
  • Type: Trade. Air Filters for Automobiles (importation)

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