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GRAND CANDY Joint Venture, Co.Ltd

Company Information

  • Company Name: GRAND CANDY Joint Venture, Co.Ltd
  • Country: ARMENIA
  • Address: Armenia, 0061, Yerevan, Masisi St. 31
  • International Area Code: 374
  • Phone: (374-10)446303 reception room, (374-10)445633 International Relations and Supply Dept., (374-10)445663 Sales Dept. (+374-(374-10)446303 reception room, (374-10)445633 International Relations and Supply Dept., (374-10)445663 Sales Dept.)
  • Fax: (374-10)449901 (+374-(374-10)449901)
  • Contact: Karen Vardanyan, President
  • Position: President
  • Website:
  • Product List: Manufacturing. Almonds: Salted Manufacturing. Biscuits Manufacturing. Biscuits: Chocolate Coated Manufacturing. Boxes: Cardboard Manufacturing. Boxes: Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing. Butter Manufacturing. Cakes: Ice-Cream Manufacturing. Cakes: Wafer Manufacturing. Candied Roasted Nuts/Almonds Manufacturing. Caramel Manufacturing. Cardboard Manufacturing. Cardboard: Corrugated Manufacturing. Chocolate Bars Manufacturing. Chocolate Sets Manufacturing. Chocolates Manufacturing. Coffee Beans: Roasted Manufacturing. Coffee Beans: Roasted (for export) Manufacturing. Coffee: Ground Manufacturing. Coffee: Ground (for export) Manufacturing. Confectionery Manufacturing. Containers: Disposable Manufacturing. Containers: Plastic, Printed Manufacturing. Correxes for Chocolates Manufacturing. Crisps: Corn/Maize Manufacturing. Cups: Plastic, Disposable Manufacturing. Dragee: Chocolate Manufacturing. Dragee: Fruit Manufacturing. Dragee: Nut Manufacturing. Dried Apricots Manufacturing. Dried Figs Manufacturing. Dried Figs (for export) Manufacturing. Dried Fruit Manufacturing. Dried Fruit (for export) Manufacturing. Dried Peaches Manufacturing. Dried Peaches (for export) Manufacturing. Dried Plums Manufacturing. Egg Boxes: Cardboard Manufacturing. Food Additives Manufacturing. Fruit Jelly Manufacturing. Ice-Cream Manufacturing. Kozinaki: Peanut Manufacturing. Kozinaki: Sesame Manufacturing. Kozinaki: Sunflower Manufacturing. Milk: Condensed Manufacturing. Milk: Dried Manufacturing. Napkins: Paper Manufacturing. Nougat Manufacturing. Oil: Sunflower Manufacturing. Packaging Supplies: Cardboard Manufacturing. Paper: Toilet Manufacturing. Peanuts: Salted Manufacturing. Pistachio: Salted Manufacturing. Plates: Plastic, Disposable Manufacturing. Rahat Lakoum Manufacturing. Salty Sticks Manufacturing. Sugar: Granulated Manufacturing. Sweets: "Pigeon's Milk" Filled Manufacturing. Sweets: Praline Filled Manufacturing. Sweets: Souffle Filled Manufacturing. Sweets: Wafer Manufacturing. Tableware: Plastic, Disposable Manufacturing. Tableware: Plastic, Disposable, Printed Manufacturing. Toffee Manufacturing. Towels: Paper Manufacturing. Wafers Manufacturing. Wipes: Hygiene
  • Category Activities: Confectionery production and sale
  • Type: Manufacturing. Almonds: Salted

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